GR4180-3000A Industrial Robot

制造商 / Manufacturer


Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai

设计方 / Design


In-house Design



GR4180-3000A industrial robot is widely applied in the assembly, handling, stacking, gumming, packaging, robot teaching, and other fields. The robot’s style is concise and the body is light and flexible, occupying a small area. The chassis is steady and the wrist is compact, allowing the robot to work in a large range. The overall hollowed-out design ensures the strength of the product and reduces the weight by 10 per cent. The hollowed-out design of components at the top and bottom, together with the triangle style, breaks the tedious and cumbersome visual effects of traditional robots, making the body shape simple and smooth. The product uses a small-volume pull rod filled with nitrogen to replace the original large air pump component of palletizing robots, endowing the industrial robot with small volume, light weight, and high efficiency.