WOW!dea 奇点时光音 伴侣音响灯

WOW!deaSkoinM3 Speaker Lamp

制造商 / Manufacturer




设计方 / Design


In-house Design


时至移动互联时代,越来越多的家庭同时拥有并使用多个智能移动终端,如手机、平板电脑等。夜幕降临,人们在起居环境中对移动设备的使用,除了即时通讯,更多是浏览阅读、影音欣赏及补充电量等。WOW!dea 奇点时光音M3伴侣音响灯的设计与开发,深入研究人们日常起居行为,以“创新+实用”为核心理念,从用户角度进行场景化设计,满足日常起居中对夜灯、阅读、护眼(浏览手机或看电视时)、音响、时/闹钟、双USB 充电器、10000毫安时大容量移动电源等的多样需求。



In the age ofmobile Internet, more families use multiple mobile devices such as smart phonesand tablets, at the same time. When night comes, people use them at home forinstant messaging and, more often, for browsing, reading, music, and charging.

The design ofSKOIN M3 is based on an in-depth study of people's everyday life andrecreational activities. Based on the concept of innovation and utility, it isdesigned from users' perspective to meet a variety of daily needs, includinguse as a night lamp, reading, eye protection, audio, alarm clock, dual USBcharger, and 10,000 mAh power bank.

The integrationof multiple control technologies, optics and acoustics enables a number ofinnovative and convenient functions, such as light shift at touch, timedautomatic lights-off and music play, one-touch activation.

As a modern homeproduct, it is not just a product, but also an exquisite artwork in terms ofappearance, specs, colour, materials and texture, that blend with theenvironment perfectly, be it the bedroom, study and balcony, or seaside,grassland and forest. It is an ideal combination of modern aesthetics andlifestyle.