Contemporary Good Design Award

Contemporary Good Design, abbreviated as CGD, is an international design award organised by Red Dot since 2015. The award aims to select good design for the contemporary society, and provide the best award service to the winners. Red Dot is in charge of the whole judging process. The award winners will enjoy services including market promotion, presentation in exhibition, authorised use of CGD winner label, and more services from Chinese professional team under the guidance and with the support of Red Dot. With the expertise of more than six decades and resources in operating a world leading design award, Red Dot can guarantee its professionalism, fairness and authorativeness. CGD award winners will accomplish a world-class recognition as well as a promotion chance to the market with great potential.

More than six decades of Red Dot’s expertise experience

Based on more than six decades of Red Dot’s expertise experience, 12 international jurors will focus on whether the design is up to the top international standard, rather than a simple comparison amongst the entries.

Why Participate in a Design Award

Challenge the design team
Increase visibility in customer group and market
Less cost compared to other means of marketing promotion
Become topical, increase in sale
Once awarded, no limit in using the winner label in the product life cycle

Red Dot Design Museum Essen is dedicated to supporting the Red Dot Award: Product Design and the Red Dot Award: Brand and Communication Design; Red Dot Design Museum Singapore mainly supports the Red Dot Award: Design Concept; while Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen has a special focus on the Contemporary Good Design Award.

Different from other design awards, CGD focuses on solving winners’ development concerns, thus provides a total of 15 customized winner services, including international exhibition tours in three major Red Dot Design Museums, sales channels recommendation, participation in design fairs and investment matchmaking events, etc. Therefore, the award meets development need including brand promotion and sales boost of the winners, and effectively boost consumption and industry upgrading.

CGD 2019 global entries starts on May 8th. Judging session is Oct. 15th to 16th.

At the end of November, the award ceremony, Designers’ Night, 1-on-1 Meeting with the Jury, and winners exhibition are to be held.

Indication of outstanding designs

The jury of CGD award is selected from Red Dot jury. Outstanding designs will be able to win CGD awards: CGD Gold Winner, CGD Winner. CGD winner label is a marketing advantage for designers and manufacturers, making the award-winning designs stand out among the others.